2014 Topics

Chapter Council Presents Chapter Sharing Roundtables
Sunday, May 18, 2014


  • Altmetrics – Altmetrics is a new method for determining the impact of published literature.  Learn how your colleagues are integrating Altmetrics into their libraries or come to learn the value of Altmetrics in the research arena.
  • Building a Network of Partners – How do we extend our reach at our institutions and organizations?  Share or listen to success stories about building connections and long-lasting partners through various avenues.
  • Consumer Health – Share your thoughts on consumer-driven information resources and services for patients, caregivers, partners, and family members.
  • Copyright Issues* - Share information about copyright such as copyright education for librarians, instituting enterprise wide copyright education, and developing copyright policies.
  • Embedded Librarians* - Are you currently acting as an embedded librarian in a research or clinical setting? Come share your ideas and experiences.
  • Google Docs and Other Cloud-Based Services – Learn how Google docs or other cloud-based services can help your clients or share your experiences and lessons learned with these productivity tools.
  • How to Promote You and the Library – Promoting your library is about outreach as much as it is about having relevant services that align with your institutions strategic goals or mission. Listen and share your experiences about reaching out and promoting the library.
  • Influencing Decision Makers – How do we prove our value and show our worth to our institution’s decision makers? Come share your thoughts and experiences.
  • Integrating Library Resources into the Electronic Health Record – With the rise of informatics and the interplay between technology and knowledge growing, there is room for the medical librarian to have a hand in the development of the electronic health record.
  • Integrating You and the Library into the Curriculum* - Come share your ideas and experiences with integrating you or the library into the curriculum at your institution.
  • iPads in the Curriculum, Clinics, and the Library* - Visit with early library adopters and discuss using iPads in various settings, its pitfalls and promise.
  • Issues in Hospital Librarianship* - Discuss the issues facing hospital libraries and librarians and share strategies and ideas for resolving these issues.
  • Librarian Role in Diagnostic Error – What can the medical librarian do to help prevent diagnostic errors?  Come share your personal encounters or simply discuss your thoughts.
  • Library Redesign* - Been part of a library renovation or thinking about one?  Come see what your colleagues have done in redesigning their libraries.
  • Literature Searches to Support Systematic Reviews* - Discuss the issues encountered when conducting a comprehensive search for a systematic review (databases limitations, locating grey literature, documenting your search strategy, negotiating authorship on the publication, etc.).
  • Measuring Success/Benchmarking – How can the medical library profession measure our success and impact on our institution and patient care?  Come share ideas and learn what other libraries do.
  • Negotiating with Vendors* - Share practical suggestions for negotiating agreements with vendors.
  • New and Emerging Roles for Medical Librarians* - Come to discuss how Medical Librarianship continues to evolve into new and changing roles.
  • Open Access Publishing – Discuss various open access publishing models available to your community.  Come and share your stories or learn from your peers.
  • Starting an Institutional Repository – Where to begin when starting an institutional repository?  Server space?  What platform to choose?  What content to store?  Come share your experiences or learn more.
  • Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine to Students and Faculty* - Share your experiences with teaching faculty, students and residents about searching for the current best evidence to care for patients.

*Topic was offered at the 2013 Chapter Sharing Roundtables event.